Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) Introduction to the Practice

On the 1st July we will be moving to Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). There will be no change to the way you order your prescriptions, EPS just means your prescriptions will be sent electronically to the chemist of your choice. This is a more reliable, secure and confidential system keeping your personal data safe.

You will need to nominate a specific pharmacy so that GP’s can directly send your prescriptions there. Please inform reception of your chosen pharmacy if you have not done so yet.

Whilst paper prescriptions will continue to be available in special circumstances, almost all prescriptions will be processed electronically.

If you do not have a nomination of a local pharmacy, you will be given an EPS token.

The EPS token looks similar to the usual green FP10 and will need to be taken to a pharmacy to obtain your medication.

If you are a dispensing patient that uses the Dorrington surgery to collect your medication from, please note there will be no changes to the service we provide.

For more information on EPS click the link below:

Repeat Prescriptions

When a repeat prescription is issued you will receive a repeat prescription form containing all your repeat medicines.

Repeat scripts can be obtained in several ways

  • Dispensing – Medicines can be dispensed in the Dorrington surgery to people who live more than one mile from a pharmacy (i.e. those people who live outside Bayston Hill). Please take your repeat slip to the Dorrington surgery during the Dorrrington surgery opening times and the medicines will be dispensed 48 hours later.
  • By returning the repeat prescription form to the surgery (Bayston Hill) in person or by post, or emailing prescriptions.beeches@nhs.net. The completed prescriptions are sent to Rowlands pharmacy and the prescriptions made up, but please note that 48 hours notice is required so the medicines can be prepared. If you wish to pick your prescription up directly and go to another pharmacy please let us know and if you would like us to post your prescription please provide a stamped addressed envelope.
  • If you are registered with Patient Access you can request repeat prescriptions over the internet via the link. Requests sent by this method will be available at Rowlands pharmacy 48 hours after being processed. To register with emis access a registration form will need to be filled in at the practice, for which you will need to bring some form of identification such as a driving license or passport. You will then be issued with a PIN number to be able to book online.

Please note we are unable to accept prescription requests over the telephone as it increases the risk of error .

28 Day Prescribing

Due to the increased chance of drug wastage and mistakes when taking medicines the medicines management team at Shrewsbury Clinical Commissioning Group have advised us to adopt a 28 day prescribing pattern. This means that all repeats except the oral contraceptive pill have to be given in a 28 day interval.

Medication Reviews

Patients on repeat medication will be asked to see a doctor, nurse practitioner or practice nurse at least once a year to review these regular medications and notification should appear on your repeat slip. Please ensure that you book an appropriate appointment to avoid unnecessary delays to further prescriptions.