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Important Notice:

The Beeches Medical Practice and Dorrington Dispensary are pleased to announce that we are installing a new telephone system on

Wednesday 17th April 2024.

The Dorrington Dispensary number 01743 718486 will no longer be in operation from the above date.

We will have one main telephone number for both surgeries. This is the existing telephone number for The Beeches Medical Practice

01743 874565.

Please do take time to listen to the introductory messages when phoning the practice as the number options to choose will also be changing.

We do not anticipate any “down time” but apologise if you are unable to get through straightaway or get an engaged tone. This should only be temporary as there may be a few teething problems on the day.

We would greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation with the changeover to the new system.

Kind regards,

The Beeches Medical Practice & Dorrington Dispensary